Design Quarter – Phase 2 | Meraas x d3 | Kingdom of Something

Kingdom of Something

Introducing our latest project with world-renowned artist Steven Harrington at the helm! With a vibrant mix of creativity and innovation, we bring you an immersive experience like no other.

M&C Saatchi came back to us after the success of their first campaign with a second phase request that was even cooler than the first time around.

Working with Steven, we brought a billboard into the 3d realm, as well as a collection of some of his most well-known characters.

Our team crafted a captivating 3D video complemented by two striking billboards that capture the essence of the Dubai Quarter.

Get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes as Steven Harrington himself delves into the artistic process.

Meet Mello, the charismatic protagonist, and his lively gang of friends, as they embark on exciting adventures within the Dubai Quarter.

We’ve infused every frame with a kaleidoscope of colours and an unmistakable sense of fun, truly embracing the “live it creative” motto.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we invite you to witness the joy and passion we had in bringing these incredible contents to life.



M&C Saatchi UAE
Ryan Reed
Sandy R McIntosh
Tasneem Nedal
Tom Gray
Asmaa Ahmed
Aditi Shah
Viktoriya Frolova
Akos Venesz
Ramesh Vasudevan
Leng Panganiban
Ivan A. Bormaister

Steven Harrington

Kingdom of Something
Aura Studios
Geoff Ciccarelli
Richard De Forno
Auberon Mansfield
Fran Marquez
Lara Montresor
Gautier Sire
Johanna Oswald
Romina Ioannidou
Adrián Gálvez
Nancy Brown
Ola Tandstad

Live Action:
Justin Tyler Close

Mountwave Music