The Madhouse | BMK | Feral Child Animation


Through PPM Next, we joined forces with live-action director Ross Cooper, whose expertise in directing live-action commercials with practical in-camera effects combined perfectly with our experience directing and designing character-led animation.

We knew from the start that both the character design and the level of interaction between live-action and animation would be fundamental to the success of the pitch and the project.

In Austria, there is a pressing need for extensive thermal refurbishments to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

To address this, the Climate Ministry has launched a fund that provides support of up to €14K to individuals who wish to renovate their homes and enhance their energy efficiency.

The advertising campaign by Jung von Matt revolves around the motto “Österreich ist nicht ganz dicht,” which in German carries a double meaning, suggesting that Austria is leaky/not sealed or insulated while at the same time implying that Austria is crazy.

As a result, the concept of a mad house was created, where the windows, doors, and walls come alive as crazy cartoon characters who antagonize the inhabitants of the house.



Client: Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection
Agency: Jung von Matt / Donau

Director: Ross Cooper
Animation Directors: Nella Addy, Rogan vd Berg
Exec Prod: Sebastian Larrosa-Lombardi
Producer: Olga Nepomenko
Production Company: PPM Next
Dop: Snorre Ruhe
Art Director: Veronika Merlin
Gaffer: Manuel Nevosad
1st AD: Alban Bekic

Editor: Alexander Legostaev
Post Producer: Anna Teufner
Colour grading: Nurali Kushkov
Score: MG-Sound
Sound Design: MG-Sound

Animation Company: Feral Child Animation
Exec Prod: Rogan vd Berg, Nella Addy
Comp / VFX Supervisor: Tom Fisher
Art Direction: Nella Addy
Design: Maja-Lisa Kehlet Hansen, Andrei Sitari, Skye Davis, Nella Addy
Background Layout: Maja-Lisa Kehlet Hansen, Gabriel Dos Anjos
Background Painting: Gabriel Dos Anjos
Animation: Laura Schjodt, Jon Densk, Xavi Siria, Clara Schildhauer, Melanie Gohin
Cleanup & Color: Clara Schildhauer, Juliana Rubeda, Melanie Gohin, Tiaan Truter,
Diana Blasquez, Rogan vd Berg, Nella Addy
2D FX Animation: Paulo Passaro, Melanie Gohin

Girl: Megan Judge
Human cartoon reference: Flo Stanek
English Character Voices: Robin Hanna