Ford Mustang – Le Mans 2024

Blind Pig

Ford returns to Le Mans for 2024, lining its Mustang GT3 on the grid in true representation of the brand’s timeless legacy. We were tasked with channelling this timelessness into an archival 2D tale, depicting an ambitious dream turned iconic reality.

Using TVPaint, After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema4D, 2D Creative Lead Christine crafted a delicate, dreamlike pencil animation to tell the story in a new visual style. It’s a seamless journey, told through unravelling vignettes that illustrate the voice over.



Client: Ford Motor Company
Production Company: Chrome
Executive Producer: Joel Mishcon
Head of Production: Melly Cook
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Parker
Creative Director: Andrea Armada
Production Coordinator: Carson Friedland
Head of Post Production: Ben Turze
Design Director: Andy Cardy
Animation Assistant: Josh Hay
Senior Post Production Producer: Will Sellers
Head of Technology: Joel Ogden
Animation: Blind Pig
Creative Lead: Christine Peters
Storyboarding: Graeme Howard
Background Design: Antoine Birot
Character Design: Andrei Sitari
Animation: Alex Potts, Tim Dillnutt, Christine Peters
Animation Assist: Natasza Cetner, Shane Previs, Kingsley Harris
Compositing: Ric Comline
Edit: Tom Boucher
Executive Producer: Josephine Gallagher
Senior Producer: Ana Hoxha

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(Instagram) @blindpig_tv