Freya Yeh | GMT +8-5

Freya Yeh

From the creator:

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8) is Taiwan's time zone. GMT-5 is New York time zone. This is a journey of a girl who live in the States then find her way to accept her grandma's death.
The connection within family would not be blocked by space and time.

Designed and Animated by Freya Yeh
Voice Talent: Victoria Hogan
Music and Sound Production: WinSound Studio
Original Music: Szu-Yu Lin, Hsiao-Chin Lin
Score Mixer and Dubbing Mixer: Hsiao-Chin Lin
Sound Design: Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin
Special Thanks: SCAD MOME professors, Scott Uyeshima, Yuying Herr, My Family