GMUNK | DECIMA Trailer x OFFF 2022


From the creator:

DECIMA is a short film exploring themes of transmigration, empowerment, soul passage and illumination. Produced for the legendary design conference OFFF Barcelona, whom granted GMUNK the opportunity to craft their 20th Anniversary Title sequence with the highest honor.

The film ultimately focuses on the human condition nested within a cult of robotic shamans called The Vi, and examines the deep emotional connection to loss and rebirth.

Director: GMUNK
Screenplay: Stephen Marshall
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman
Robotics and Production Design: VTProDesign
Music: Ben Lukas Boysen
Post Production: The Mill
Titles: Felipe Carvalho
Concept Art: Peter Clark, Maxim Goudin, Toros Kose and Nicolas Lopardo
Hologram Artist: Peter Clark
Production: JOJX and Commandeer
Motion Control: Motorized Precision
Wardrobe: Michelle Martini
Editor: Matt Berardi

Starring Nana Ghana and Jagger Hunt.

What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been.