Google Tango out-of-box experience lets you step into an alternate reality


Google’s Tango platform has been tantalizing developers and content-makers for a few years now. Tango is essentially a super-powered hardware-software system with sophisticated depth-mapping and tracking capabilities baked in.

In marketing-speak: it’s an integrated platform for creating impressive AR experiences in the palm of your hand.

This case study from Media Monks is a fantastic introduction to what’s possible. To quote the video:

…we created a wonderful world that lingers under the fabric of our reality. This universe is revealed by creating a point cloud of your surroundings, which is then transformed into a virtual world you can explore.

Movement triggers everything in the experience: “As you walk, plants sprout. As you look at them, they blossom. Their seeds are drawn to you and eventually grow into a portal.”

Exciting stuff. Learn more about Tango here.

From the creator:

2016. Google

Together with Google, we created a mixed reality experience to introduce users to the features and capabilities of Tango, Google’s new technology platform for computer vision. The app demonstrates Tango’s technical superiority by combining depth-scanning, motion-tracking and augmented reality in an interactive showcase. By scanning your surroundings with a Tango-powered device, we create a virtual world that interacts with the real world in real-time. The experience is packed with virtual flora and fauna that respond to you and the physical objects around you, encouraging users to move around and explore the world with Tango.

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