Linetest | Less Noise, More Life


From the creator:

Follow the incredible life journey of Bowhead whales in the Arctic ocean and raise awareness of the impact our human progress has had on their lives. The inspiring voiceover for this spot is revered and renowned Cree/Métis actresses, Tantoo Cardinal.

Data provided by WWF reveals the growth in shipping traffic in Arctic sea lanes and points out that as sea ice recedes due to rapid climate change, more areas of the ocean are opening up to shipping, exacerbating an already dire situation. Read the full blog here:

Client: WWF Arctic
Direction: Linetest
Creative Direction: Hao Chen
Script: Linetest, WWF
Producer: Zoe Coleman
Art Direction: Sean Richardson, Duncan Patterson
Animation Direction: Scott Jonsson, Hao Chen
Storyboarding: Sean Richardson, Christian Rubio, Jihoo Park
Design & Illustration: Sean Richardson, Melissa Cho, Sophia Ouellette, Kelly Nakamura
Animation: Scott Jonsson, Duncan Patterson, Florian Perron, Henrique Barone, Christian Rubio, Jose Pena
Compositing: Duncan Patterson
VO: Tantoo Cardinal
Music & SFX: Ambrose Yu