Mondlicht Studios | Lamborghini-Sian-Roadster-UE4

Mondlicht Studios

From the creator:

Strong music, super fast cuts, flashing lights and an outstanding car design. This piece goes directly under your skin and makes your bones vibrate. It starts calm, but then everything is hitting you acoustically and visually. It really is everything but subliminal. And that's exactly why we chose to name it like that.

The hero, the Lamborghini Sián Roadster, has such a beautiful design with rich details, striking lines and great material combinations, so it was the perfect car for this project. Its immense power and tremendous performance perfectly match the strong and expressive sound and motion design of the animation.

The idea behind the project was to combine the music with the scene. For that we created various tracks with isolated instruments from Stefan's sick drum and bass composition, which are separately controlling the intensity of different lights in the animation. In combination with the fast cuts a flashing and pulsating motion is created, almost giving it its own high pace heartbeat.

The animation has been produced in Unreal Engine with a final touch of post production.