Johan Alenius

BMX brand Monza Bicycle Club wanted help with the launch of a new glow in the dark pad set illustrated by Karl Grandin. Animation Studio & directors trio Brikk teamed up with Director and animator Johan Alenius to create this frantic race through worlds filled with flying saucers, winking skulls and the occasional bike – all set to a punked up beat by Klint.


Client: Monza bicycle club
Production Company: Brikk

Executive Producer: Samuel Fast, Brikk
Director: Johan Alenius
Illustration: Karl Grandin
3D Animation: Johan Alenius
Compositing: Johan Alenius
Cel Animation: Mariyam Aulbekova, Sonya Filimonova, Darya Skripka

Music: Klint

From the creator:

Launch film I directed for BMX brand Monza's new glow in the dark line of pads featuring illustrations by Karl Grandin from Omnipollo.

Made together with the lovely people at Brikk and with music by the fabulous Simon Appel aka Klint.

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