Never Let Go

Gioacchino Petronicce

From the creator:

Director's cut starring : Ciaran O'Grady, Maura Foley, Kate Coffey, Degnan Geraghty, Tara Coffey, and Louis Treacy.

WON Bronze award in TV/Online or Cinema for Best Direction (2016 Kinsale Shark Festival).
Best of All Entries at the porsche international film award (2016 Porsche Award).
WON Bronze award in Films TV/cinema/web (2017 ICAD Awards)

Director : Gioacchino Petronicce
DOP : Christopher Sabogal
Composer : Gareth Anton Averill
Editor : Adriana Legay
Storyboard : Miguel Vieira
Post production : Firm Studio
Line Producer : Thomas Le Peutrec
Producer : Grégoire Coulombel
Client : Road Safety Authority
Agency : Irish international BBDO
Production : Moonwalk Films