New sharing and discussion hub Mixed Parts launches

mixed parts

Industry veteran Daniel Savage has launched Mixed Parts to the public.

The site is described as a “place to discover, share, and discuss what’s happening in animation today, and shape what happens tomorrow.”

Using reddit-style upvoting, features an eclectic mix of discussions that percolate to the top voted page — or fade gracefully into obscurity. Anyone can browse the site, but only members can post. For now, membership is invite-only.

Head over to for more info.



Founder: Daniel Savage
Designer: Rob Junge
Developer: Joshie Fishbein
Copywriter: Graham Hiemstra
Additional Animation: Pat Finn
Promo Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

From the creator:

mixed parts is a community driven hub for all things animation.


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This film was made by Daniel Savage, Rob Junge, Graham Hiemstra, and Ambrose Yu with moral support from Joshie Fishbein.