Olivier Lescot | The Rift


The Rift is an exploration of immersive camera movement capturing all the essence of a pure action moment. Combining all Olivier’s inspirations, from western movies to graphic novels and visually striking Japanese classic mangas, The Rift is a synthesis of his own universe, both graphic and cinematic. The film is a piece of a longer format project that is currently in development.

From the creator:

Written and directed by Olivier Lescot

Olivier Lescot - Artistic Direction, Storyboard, Animation

Produced by Eddy

Co-Produced by Attention’O’Chiens, Brunch Studio, Olivier Lescot

Stella Ramsden - producer

Brice Smith - production manager

Thomas Ricquier - Co Artistic Direction, Compositing

Léo Schweitzer - Animation

Claire Pottier - Animation Color

Sound and Music - Fabrice Smadja (Attention’O’Chiens)

With thanks to - Quentin Baillieux, Nightshift, Brice Smith