Rise of the Pink Ladies Main Title Sequence | Paramount+ | Imaginary Forces


Imaginary Forces designed the main title for the prequel series, ‘Rise of the Pink Ladies.,’ now streaming on Paramont+.

IF Creative Directors Karin Fong and Kathy Liang co-create the main title sequence.

With 50s T-bird jackets as their reference, they created a stop-motion inspired, high-energy design that puts the Pink Ladies in the spotlight. Paying homage to the beloved film, they tied in Grease nostalgia with animated birds, a classic ride, and a spunky remixed tune of the original.


Creative directors: Karin Fong, Kathy Liang
Designers: Kathy Liang, Anna Chen
Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson
Animator: Scott Belll, Anna Chen
Design intern: Soo Lee
Senior producer: Renee Robson
Coordinator: Jake Fritz

From the creator:

Main Title for Paramount+
To act cool, look cool and be cool you oughta be learning from the Pink Ladies. We traveled to Rydell High 1954, four years prior to the setting of the culture-shifting film Grease to create a main title for the prequel series, Rise of the Pink Ladies.

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