Sophiana Oliva | Aegean Sea

Sophiana Oliva

From the creator:

For its 50th anniversary, Doctors Without Borders commissioned an abecedary of 26 animated shorts, each illustrating a topic highlighting a given mission accomplished during the decades of the organization’s activity. One of these topics was “Aegean Sea”.

While they dream of reaching the European Union, thousands of refugees are piled up on Greek islands.
A reality far from the idyllic postcards, three migrants, located on different islands, tell us about the struggles they have been dealing with for months, years even. Waiting in isolation and uncertainty, their anguish intensifies, fueled by the surrounding violence and the circulating rumors.
Currently, the circumstances surrounding Moria’s fire remain unclear. 


Client – Doctors Without Borders

Direction, script writing, design, animation – Sophiana Oliva
Music – Jean Detraz
Voice-over – Dylan Debris-Oliva, Laurent Blanpain, Saliha Bala
Mixing – Eric Rey

Special thanks to Gobelins.