Yuvaroo Studio | Zelle X Vox Media – “The Science Behind Scams” Explainer Series


The “Funderstruck Foods with Guy Fieri [Animation Supercut]” is a promotional animated video featuring celebrity chef Guy Fieri. The video highlights his new culinary creations available exclusively on Carnival Cruise Line ships. Key dishes featured include the Funderstruck Nacho Burger and Fully Loaded Fundertots.

These items are served at Guy’s Burger Joint and Guy’s Pig and Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse Brewhouse, respectively. The animation emphasizes the bold flavors and fun dining experience offered by these new menu items, designed to enhance the cruising experience for guests.



Design, direction, compositing: Yuval Haker
Animation: Campbell Hartley, Mark Abbott, Dana Roth, Yuval Haker
Storyboard: Kim Nguyen, Yuval Haker
Agency: Anomaly
My artist management agency: Levine/Leavitt

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