Yuvaroo Studio | Zelle X Vox Media – “The Science Behind Scams” Explainer Series


From the creator:

Vox Media invited me to direct and design the animated reenactments in a series of four explainer videos for Zelle - "The Science Behind Scams".
Here's a collection of the animations from episode 1 - "Why Time-Sensitive Decisions Can Trigger Our FOMO"

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/LsYYl-h0c-4
Full campaign: https://next.voxcreative.com/c/ad/22735196/zelle-pay-it-safe
Written, produced, edited and sound designed by the amazing team at Vox!

Director: Yuval Haker

Producers: Jennifer Vance, John Bega

Design: Yuval Haker, Elena Chudoba, James Dybvig, Maddie Edgar

Animation: Hao Li, Hozen Britto, Joe Sparkes, Alex Potts, Arthur Guttilla, Mark Abbott, Jean Yu, James Dybvig

Clean up: Lily Shaul, Zohar Dvir

Compositors: Pavelas Laptevas, Alon Sivan

Storyboards: Dana Roth, Elena Chudoba, James Dybvig, Yuval Haker

Sound Design: Vox Media, Dana Roth