Scholar | MTN DEW “Taste and Refreshing”


Winner of The Motion Awards 2022 for commercial » campaign

How do we visualize the experience of taking a sip of all the hypnotic flavors of MTN DEW? How about a series of mind-expanding, multidimensional journeys, through the most thirst-quenching icy refreshment?

We teamed up with Motive and Garage Inc. to create a series of short films that capture the essence of exactly that. Effervescent liquid explosions, bone-chilling ice shards, hypnotically dancing MTN DEW bottles, throwing a live-action tornado of liquid spritz into the mix, and voila! We have the perfect recipe for Tastenosis – a hypnotic experience that will certainly open the third eye you didn’t even know you had!


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: William Campbell, Sean Martin
Art Director: Vin Kim
Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Sr Producer: Nakia Cooper
CG Supervisor: Brice Linane

Designers: Macauley Johnson, Jina Kwon, Kirt Critoph, Wu Hyun Lew, Vin Kim, Sam Davidson, Javier Tommasi, Isaac Taracks
Model/Texture Artists: Liam Elias, Olivia Trotter, Eddy Estevez
3D Animators: Kirt Critoph, Ryan Kaplan, Vin Kim, Ren Chen, Sam Davidson, Jeffrey Jip Jeong, Michael Jones, Jay Kim, Manuel Riedl, Craig Stouffer
Lighters: Lucas Georgescu, Orges Kokoshari, Kevin Lu, Timur Salikov
Dynamics/FX: Tim Hayward, Vin Kim, Mahmoud Elregheb, Oyekunle Jegede, Timur Salikov, Erik Zimmerman
Compositors: Dae Kang, Rachel Moon, Austin Brown, Fuchun Chu, Cris Kong, Rich Pernice
Flame Artist: Ryan Kaplan, Matt Lavoy
Editor: Chad Carbone
Assistant Editor: Aaron Pryka
Telecine: RCO
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Mix & Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Production Company: The Garage
Director of Photography: Steve Giralt
Producer: Halie Graham
Agency: Motive