35mm is a beautifully designed and animated journey through the history of film.


Another killer experiment in mixed media from Benjamin Ducroz: Phosphene.  Also, check out his latest reel and other recent work at ducroz.com.

Psyop: “Whole New World”

In Whole New World, Psyop takes a deep sea plunge into a water world full of unusual and exotic inhabitants for AT&T’s “Rethink Possible” campaign.… Read more

Masterpieces in 3D

Masterpieces in 3D EDIT: Link Broken: Sorry, folks! Found a new one … D’oh! Gone again…

Trollbäck for P&G

Trollbäck puts its simple and effective style to work in this nice new spot for P&G


News of  a Motion Design studio launch are always exciting, more so when the studio has already possessed a considerable repertoire and strong reputation in… Read more


Microplus by Michiel Krop and Marvin Koppejan

Broken: Anaglyph for the Masses

Stefan Voigt, David Shelton and Stefan Weinberg, students at the FH Mainz in Germany, created “Broken” in anaglyphic 3D. Get the 3D camera rig and… Read more

Alaska Nanooks 2010 Hockey Intro

Mike Martinez’s Alaska Nanooks’ Intro of 07-08 was a truly over-the-top pastiche of lo-fi animation with hockey, explosions, a huge Polar Bear and 80s music.… Read more