Birdo Studio: Gloom

Birdo Studio presents a Japanese-inspired kaiju Brazilian music video. (“Kaiju” is a Japanese word which literally means “strange creature”, like the ones in the movie Pacific… Read more

Shinjuku: The Film

Stunning art direction in Shinjuku: The Film, an episodic short from the mind of Robert Valley (The Gorillaz and Aeon Flux). Hat tip to Ash… Read more

Louis & McCourt – Easy

London duo Louis & McCourt create a futuristic Anime music video for Mat Zo & Porter Robinson’s “Easy”.

Makoto Shinkai: Neko no Shuukai

Roughly translated as “Kitty Gather Together,” this gem from the Far East comes from anime director Makoto Shinkai. Admittedly it’s a few years old now,… Read more

Studio Ghibli’s New RPG game

Here’s a sneak peek at Studio Ghibli’s new RPG game, titled ‘Another World’ (Ni No Kuni), for Playstation 3. (Via Cartoonbrew)

Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this quirky independent short film is about the confession of Fumiko. It’s a simple plot but, extremely… Read more

Kings of Power 4 Billion

Sometimes something so epic, so awesome comes along, a description just wouldn’t do it justice. This is that time. Created by the genius mind of… Read more