“Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku” by Takuya Hosogane

Takuya Hosogane goes anime in this new music video for Jin, but keeps his sly sense of humor. Takuya says that he wanted to create a piece that referenced the experience of browsing through a tumblr of animated GIFs: gloriously random with awesome moments of synchronicity. And, in a true win for the Internet, someone’s already taken the video and reblogged it on tumblr it as an animated GIF.

Special thanks to the incredible Maya Rosewood for help in translating our discussion with Takuya.

Director/Composite: Takuya Hosogane
Storyboard: Takuya Mitomi
Character Design: name
Layout Design: Jiko Abe
Background Design: Zajirogh
Color Design / Background Paint: Ina
Color Layout: Narumi Minagawa, Manami Oikawa, Chiaki Kato
Production Manager: Yuya Yamaguchi, Chiaki Kato
Key Animation/Animation Supervisor: Nakagawa Hideki
Key Animation/Executive Adviser: Shingo Yamashita

Music: Jin

Production Company: Maxilla inc.

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Mark Stuckert

I need music by this artist. Please. I know this album doesn’t come out until the 25th, but if this artist has any past works (I haven’t been able to find any), please email me at mark dot stuckert at gmail dot com!

So pretty…

David Hohusen

Beautiful, inspiring stuff!
Cheers to Takuya Hosogane and team.

Kevin Mpofu

Love this.

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