NYC ACM SIGGRAPH’s Industry Spotlight VII

Don’t miss NYC ACM SIGGRAPH’s Seventh Annual “Industry Spotlight” this Wednesday, April 1. Some of the top animation and post-production facilities in the NYC-metropolitan area, including Curious Pictures, The… Read more

Blank Canvas

Ravensbourne College students create Blank Canvas, a charity auction powered by some top design talent

David O’Reilly: When You’re Smiling

Pictoplasma, the global clearing house for contemporary character design and art, commissioned director David O’Reilly to create the show open for Pictopia, the Pictoplasma exhibition… Read more

F5 Schedule of Speakers

The schedule of speakers for F5 is now online! A brief run-down: Things get started both days around 11am and run until the early evening,… Read more

London Event: Parasites

Parasites: an exhibition of art, illustration and animation in London March 23rd-28th (Myspace)

SIGGRAPH 2008 CAF Screening

If you missed SIGGRAPH 2008, catch a special screening of last years’ Computer Animation Festival. For more info, check it: NYC ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 CAF Screening

AENY: Thursday, Jan 29th

This coming Thursday at 6:45, Adobe After Effects New York will be hosting AE guru Lloyd Alvarez and Blue Sky Studios Lighting Lead Aaron Ross.… Read more


One of the driving ideals behind F5 is the celebration of creativity for creativity’s sake. Money might make the world go ’round, but it doesn’t… Read more

F5: Initial Speakers Announced

I’m very pleased to share our initial lineup of speakers for F5. This is not the complete list—there are some hidden surprises to come, but… Read more

F5 Tickets for Everyone

As those of you who signed up on the F5 mailing list before September 9th know, F5 started selling super-secret advance ticket sales at the… Read more

PauseNYC: November 10-11

PauseNYC (presented by FITC) has put together a solid lineup of speakers for its inaugural event this November 10th and 11th at the BMCC Tribeca… Read more