[London] London’s Hero

Cut&Paste hosts Fred & Eric, Animade, Territory & Golden Wolf for live animation sessions on Oct 14-15 as part of the London’s Hero collab in… Read more

motion 2013 Oct 4-7

motion 2013 Oct 4-7 featuring Paul Mitchell The Mill, Nate Robinson Ntropic, Elizabeth Kiehner Thornberg & Forester Alberto Scirocco leftchannel William Lebeda Picturemill Amy Taylor… Read more

[NYC] AENY June 2013 Meeting

[NYC] AENY June 2013 Meeting this Thursday at PS 41. Lots of juicy C4D content this time! Register for free to attend.

A Conversation with Mate Steinforth

Recently we’ve seen more and more of Sehsucht, and with good reason: they’ve steadily been building steam through the years, and it’s culminating in some… Read more

Faux Images IV

Faux Images IV, tomorrow! (Tuesday, 13 December 2011). Featuring Robert Seidel, Fons Scheidon, and Ben & Julia. Details here.

Wayne White at The Largo

Eclectic creative genius Wayne White is performing at Largo in LA on Tuesday, Feb 1st. Tickets are $10 with promo code “ww.” Details here.

DMLA February Meeting

February 15, 7PM Hollywood. Terence Lee from Roger will discuss creation of the TBS Conan spots. Early bird tickets are free @ https://dmala.eventbrite.com

Motion 2010

Motion 2010 on October 16-18 in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Next DMA\LA Meeting

The next DMA\LA meeting is set for Tuesday, September 21, 2010 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Register here.

MAD MMX 2010: July 2nd and 3rd

Madrid hosts MAD MMX 2010, featuring Dvein, David Carson, Kyle Cooper and Motionographer’s Matt Lambert, among many others.

Panic Room

To follow up their Press Play event last October, PostPanic will be hosting another night of inspiration at their Amsterdam HQ on March 18th. Presenters… Read more

Saturday: Latent Perceptions @ Tate Modern

This Saturday evening, Tate Modern will be showing early works from Steina and Woody Vasulka (’70-’74) along with a presentation of their current works

ADC Holiday Party

ADC’s Holiday Party is next week in NYC: Thursday, 12/10 @ 6:30-8:30

DK Chi @ 3December

DK Chi Speaking @ Autodesk 3December, Thursday @ 5:30 (Flashpoint Academy). Featuring Chad Ashley & Amador Valenzuela.