POV of a DOP: The Tiny Chef Show

Overcoming challenges as a DOP on Nickelodeon’s TV series: The Tiny Chef Show. We’re joined by cinematographer and Tiny Chef DOP Ozlem Akturk, who explains… Read more

ICYMI: Lucky Holidays by Parabella

In case you missed it, enjoy this amazing animation by Parabella which is guaranteed to warm even the coldest of hearts.

“Health” by Hayley Morris

Beautifully animated stop-motion using clay, paper, and objects on glass by Hayley Morris.

Johnny Kelly’s Play for YouTube

Nexus Production’s director Johnny Kelly just made this short film for YouTube Play, an exhibition that YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in NYC are calling… Read more

Parkour Motion Reel

Lots of nice illustrations and movement in this animated sketch piece, Parkour Motion Reel. Its flipbook technique might be “inspired by” an earlier post we… Read more