Welcome to Motionographer

Welcome to Motionographer, the slightly bigger, slightly better successor of Tween. For the full poop on Motionographer, read the About page or Meet Motionographer.

You may notice some changes in the Cream O’ the Crop. Aside from being on the left side of the page, it’s segmented into several groups. I’m not 100% sure about these segments yet. If you have suggestions, drop us a line.

In moving the Cream from Tween to Motionographer, I was fairly harsh. I cut quite a few studios. Maybe I cut too many. Maybe I didn’t cut enough. We’ll work that out over the next few weeks. If you have a link you think you should be added, please use submit@motionographer.com, otherwise your request will probably be ignored.

I imported a few recent posts from Tween to get things rolling. Tween will remain up and running, but it will no longer be updated.

Okay, that’s it for now. Explore and enjoy. And thanks for visiting.

Massive props to Babe Baker for designing Motionographer, and big ups to all the Motionographer authors for helping with the transition. 

About the author

Justin Cone

/ justincone.com
Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.

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  • Wow! What news! Really cool design, i like it a lot. A bit unsure about the name though, why not stick with tween?

  • I was a bit ahead of myself. OK now I read through the about section I know more. Hummmm… I still can´t delete my dumb comments, can I? ;)

  • Haha… no, no deletion. But your comment isn’t dumb. It’s good.

    And I couldn’t stick with Tween even if I wanted to. All the good Tween-related domain names were already taken.

    Another problem with Tween is that many people didn’t know what it meant. They didn’t realize it was an animation term. I got email all the time about that.

    I also got email from people asking if I was an expert in pre-teen children, a.k.a. in-betweeners or tweeners.


  • motion-graffer. motion-og-gru-fer. well it looks really good!

  • jan

    Good Luck justin !

  • Why not keep tween? I liked it! Also – Link me inside the motion graphics individuals please :)

    (p.s. the new site DOES infact look nice)

  • edit: I should have read the “about!” or the post above! oops no edit :(

  • Great Design, i love it!!!

  • chris

    I came close to crying when I read “Tween is Dead”.

    But I’m glad you made the switch. There have been numerous occasions when I would try to visit tween by typing http://www.tween.com in the search bar. Has anyone else done this?

    motionographer actually sounds like a profession.

  • Looks like tween.com is available (for sale). We could raise money and change the name back to tween ;)

  • aksoy

    Awesome – Love the name – but why did you have to scare us with ‘Tween is Dead!’

  • New site looks sweet and I’m glad you are making it all into something better.

  • JJR

    Great job Justin!

  • zoule

    you guys ROCK !! i lurve you guys !! wohoo !! keep it up bro !!

  • I prefer the name tween. but i like the new design. i reckon the top image will change as time goes? good work justin!

  • Very nice, The layout is tight. Shot bro.

  • Keep the top image the same forever, for those of us who are tween O.G.s

  • Thanks Justin, but you’re just as responsible for the new look and a job well done. Feels good to finally see it live and read through all this positive feedback.

    Props to those keeping this place alive with your comments and links too by the way… we really appreciate it.

    See ya!


  • good stuff … I really enjoyed the tween thing – am expecting lots more cool things from motiongrapher!

  • good work, keep alive

  • This is nice :) @ tween I prefered having the links open in new window (to me firefox new tab), instead of opening in the same window. Other than that I can only find improvements. It’s nice it is released under CC and the submit news link will probably be a great thing.

  • “I prefered having the links open in new window”

    Me, too. Future links on Motionographer will open in new windows. I just did a shitty job importing these stories from Tween. :-)

  • Steven

    Looks good, have been visiting tween for quite a while, didn’t think anything was wrong with it but the new site looks great.

    One thing though the area for the liks on the left is a little wide, but that is it.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Great job Justin, looking bigtime, all thats missing is a shot of the swag new studio office.


  • Also forgot to mention that I love the new name!

  • mankeroo

    Cream of the Crop list sure got trimmed a bit!

  • Hells yeah.

  • NICE, everyone involved should go out for drinks tonight and celebrate a great launch to what will be an awesome project for years to come..

    btw.. i tried to e-mail justin@motionographer.com and it came back saying “User unknown in virtual alias table”

  • “btw.. i tried to e-mail justin@motionographer.com and it came back saying ‘User unknown in virtual alias table'”

    Doh! I created everyone else’s email addresses but I never set one up for myself. Ha.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Greg.

  • Jon

    Props to Justin & Babe, I didn’t do much except test the site a little bit ;)

    And holy crap the response has been pretty huge so far, My inbox is bursting.

  • Igor

    Hoooorraaay! Best wishes

  • Cool! As someone said before, I was scared when I read “Tween is Dead”; but I’m glad we have now a bigger and better place! Good luck and best wishes!

  • I love it! I enjoyed tween and no doubt I’ll be enjoying motionographer as well!

  • Long life to the New Motion O Graph ! Reminds me of the SpiroGraph my favorite kids game when i was young!

    Thats what got me started.
    All Applause to Justin and everybody here for having the best platform for new Mograph.


  • wicked mad stoopid fresh!…nice work.

  • jennifer

    Congrats! Everthing looks good, except the type. It’s quite hard to read the news. I think you changed the font and went down in size. I hope you can fix it soon. Thanks !

  • Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer. Any more comments from the rest of you about the body type?

  • Nice site, thank you for the resource. I was just curios, and wanted to ask about your Individuals list. A lot of the work on the reels by those names you listed are not done by themselves but by a team of people… So what exactly do you mean by “motion graphics individuals”? Should we all bring our reels for you to put up becuase we are all individuals with good reels…..

  • Perhaps “Freelancers” would be a better term…

  • Your blog is interesting and informative. Thank you

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