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Huevisualab 2006 reel is precision cut

Okay, so I don’t usually post show reels in the main section, especially show reels that are filled with cliche` ribbons, speakers, growing plants and city scapes…but MAN this reel is flawlessly cut and just a total blast. There, I said it. Beautiful job.

Thanks to Mr. Romain for passing this on.

Posted on 20 December 2006 |

16 thoughts on “Huevisualab 2006 reel is precision cut

  1. urm is it me or the gran tourismo stuff look awfully similar to another job i seen somewhere? think its a honda promo. And also lots of belief influance too

  2. that gran turismo was “inspired” by this 3d artist/modeler who did the honda Raybirg tutorial in the first place, and ended wanted to do an experimental clip.

    LOTS of familiar stuff .. sad, but true … but great execution tho …

  3. Yeah, Most of the stuff are bits and pieces from major post house works. The girl walking with text surrounding her are influence from Dform mtv and liquid are rom belief. Execution are good but sad the ideas is not there just picking up famous motion graphics and piece them together.

  4. wow.. so they’re the company who made the video of my fav music band : Love Me Butch, the Malaysian band. absolutely awesome.