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Stop-motion typography piece from Montreal based Julien Vallee

Based on Kurt Shwitters “Thesis on Typography”, Julien Vallee has created this meld of stop-motion and motion-graphic typography all with influences pouring in from the Dada movement. Vallee states that the underlying idea is that the over-use of graphical elements in a typographical piece may cause the content to become unreadable.

The piece is an excellent merging of analog, organic elements mixed with dirty, digital garble. In a nutshell, I like.

Posted on 26 February 2007 |

9 thoughts on “Stop-motion typography piece from Montreal based Julien Vallee

  1. i love this mix of organic, real materials animated!
    i would love to read an interview about the process , the creativity, technics, etc…
    ya’ll kick ass!!!

  2. hmm… pretty whatever. aesthetically, it’s essentially more of that tired 1999 tech thing mixed with a little analog grime, and the stop-motion work is nothing to marvel at. a lot of it is just basic stuff shot in reverse. big deal.