Stop-motion typography piece from Montreal based Julien Vallee

Based on Kurt Shwitters “Thesis on Typography”, Julien Vallee has created this meld of stop-motion and motion-graphic typography all with influences pouring in from the Dada movement. Vallee states that the underlying idea is that the over-use of graphical elements in a typographical piece may cause the content to become unreadable.

The piece is an excellent merging of analog, organic elements mixed with dirty, digital garble. In a nutshell, I like.



Uhm, John. I think you exceeded the width of an image usually posted here on motionographer.


yo! this is cool… looks like fun! love it

Anibal Estrella

i love this mix of organic, real materials animated!
i would love to read an interview about the process , the creativity, technics, etc…
ya’ll kick ass!!!


ouin ouin ouin.. tres tres creatif mais surtout bin bin beau!!


Viva tha Montreal !!

Bravo très beau!


hmm… pretty whatever. aesthetically, it’s essentially more of that tired 1999 tech thing mixed with a little analog grime, and the stop-motion work is nothing to marvel at. a lot of it is just basic stuff shot in reverse. big deal.


Very nice
want to use such technology too


Very nice
want to use such technic too

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