Stardust for NYSE

Although it’s a bit on the small side (320×240 video is *so* 2005), this NYSE spot from Stardust is a nice ride through surreal landscapes.… Read more

Colourmovie Updates

Colourmovie has just injected some great new work into their portfolio. The reel’s the same as before, but the Featured Projects area has been almost… Read more

Umeric’s Feilfri

Design shop Umeric created this beautiful spot depicting the birth of the Royal Elastic brand shoe, Feilfri. Maybe the coolest innards you will ever see.… Read more

Roger: New Work

It’s been a while since Roger has posted new work, but they just refreshed their site with a tasty smattering of broadcast projects. My favorites:… Read more

Echolab/Shilo for Lucozade Alert

Sound design and music composition studio Echolab teamed up with Shilo to create a high-impact spot for Lucozade Alert energy drink. In addition to the… Read more

Off to Lalaland

Josie’s Lalaland is an evocative and quite powerful short film by EB Hu, a designer and animator in London. Beyond the moving narration and soundtrack… Read more

Go Speedskater!

Put together a little mix of fresh beats by Airpushers, a hell of a lot of textures and some serious Line Rider influence and you… Read more

A New Belief System

Long-standing Cream member Belief’s commercial/broadcast/design arm has turned into a fully fledged studio of its own, Belief Design. Belief, meanwhile, has become the locus for… Read more