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The Kingdom Main Titles

The movie’s getting lukewarm reviews, but the opening credits for The Kingdom function as an effective prologue to the film.


I hate to beat a dead horse, but this is yet another example of what I call “visual essays.” It’s all about re-contextualizing historical data in a dramatic light by leveraging the power of motion graphics. The result is a compelling argument, something that can be debated point by point, even as it entertains and informs its audience.

I can’t figure out who’s responsible for this work, though. This thread on mograph points to PCI, but I’m not sure who they are. Any clues would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Douglas in the comments, we got a link to PIC, the studio responsible for the credits.

Thanks to Jordan Lloyd for the tip on this post!

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Fall Is Just Something That Grown-Ups Invented

Shilo smashed together live action, hand-drawn typography and cel animation for a raucous redesign of Cartoon Network.


What’s nice about this approach is that Shilo managed to create a fun, audience-appropriate vibe without bowing to the usual clichéd cuteness often associated with children’s programming. There’s a “grown-upness” about the graphics, wardrobe and especially the music that seems to be more of an insider’s high-five to kids than a sidelong wink.

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The work of Gordon Waltho

The work of Gordon Waltho

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Max Hattler for Ikea

Max Hattler for Ikea

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