Lifelong Friendship Society: Own Your C

The Own Your C project first came to my attention when we posted Buck’s beautiful “C-Tree” short in October of ’07. Denver-based agency Cactus is the mastermind behind the enigmatic anti-smoking campaign, and since working with Buck, they’ve added other spots to the multi-platform push.

The latest in the series are five kooky spots from Lifelong Friendship Society. Keeping with LFS’s lo-fi hipster aesthetics, each spot communicates the concepts of sharing, influencing and connecting, ending with a drive to the Own Your C website.

LFS’s playful approach to their work is a great fit for Own Your C’s target audience of adolescents and early 20-somethings, and these mini-narratives create just the right level of “wtf” to catch their attention. Each spot feels like something ejected from the subconscious minds of Sesame Street’s creators.


Client: Own Your C
Spot Title(s): Plugging In, Sun Moon, Refreshing, Wireless Theater, Species
Airdate: November 2008

Agency: Cactus
Art Director: Chris Cox
Copywriter: Lee Perlman
Agency Producer: Danielle Bryan

Production/Post (Color Correct/Visual Effects): Lifelong Friendship Society
Director/Designer/Composer: Brian Close
Designer: Travis Spangler
Animator(s): Alex Miller, Mark Phillips, Tim Haldeen
Editor: Amilcar Gomes
Props/Costume: Pastor Alvarado
Music/ Sound Design: Ant Food (Sun Moon)
EP: Dan Sormani
Producer: Bridgette Spalding

Shoot Location: Upstate NY



was ready to trash it cause you wrote “hipster”, but these are nice.
sun moon is quite awesome.

Simon Robson

Nice indeed. Fun. Sun moon is my favourite too…


i just loved “refreshing”…. it shows a lot about sharing! and yeah, thanks for sharing these!

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