The Lost Tribes of New York City

As someone who has an intense love-hate relationship with New York, this sweetly animated film from Andy and Carolyn London tugged hard on my heartstrings. It’s a simple concept: Interview New Yorkers and then animate objects in the city to match their personalities. The result is a compelling short that helps me see the city—and its people—in a new light.

If you like this, you might also like Aardman’s candidly charming Creature Discomfort animations.

Via Laughing Squid. Thanks to Todd for the tip!

  • brandj

    Wow. I love this.

  • brandj

    Reminds me of this:

    and this:

    Both of which, are fantastic, too.

  • dieLAMB

    Love it!!

  • boca

    Haha. That was great! I’m still laughing. :-D
    Good one, guys!

  • monovich

    wow. I guess its the simple things that stop you in your tracks. I love it.

  • gunbrella

    Crazy about this one.

  • elinavicius

    shame, shame on you guys.

    did u had to copy PsyopsCokeDocumentary that much? 97% ? even the words and sounds sound almost the same?

    good job tho with the plagiarism.

    • boca

      Oh yeah, it’s EXACTLY the same, 97%!
      Some people…
      Sigh… :-/

    • Marc B.


      Please do some research. Aardman pioneered this.

  • menezesgabriel

    i think i saw it like… 25 times and i always come back to see it again. great!

  • uninspired_overstimulated

    if you watch cartoons, it’ll remind you of A LOT of other videos. but I liked this one.