Prologue: OFFF 2009 Titles


Prologue’s Ilya Abulhanov designed and directed this title sequence for the 2009 OFFF festival in Oeiras, Portugal.

Starring a mysterious cast clad in para-military gear, the sequence feels like the pre-amble to a guerrilla warfare strike in the not-so-distant future. The quirky costumes and desolate landscapes are the real focus here, mixing elements of Half-Life, Star Wars and the Mujahideen. Ilya does a nice job balancing the sparse cinematographic compositions with solid type and understated graphics.

As always, HECQ delivered an outstanding soundtrack that extends the ambience of the visuals and builds tension throughout the project.

  • Jovis

    It´s Oeiras, Portugal! Not Spain! Add Portugal to the tags.

    • Justin Cone

      Doh! *slaps forehead*

      Thank you, Jovis!

  • zzyzxerxes

    Wasn’t it in Huevos, Spain? …or maybe Oire, Germany? I don’t know what comes next.

  • Greg Herman

    killer stuff

  • boca

    SICK title sequence. I saw this in on the big screen at OFF Oeiras and it was amazing. Kudos to HECQ too, perfect sound design.
    Bravo, Ilya and Prologue! :-)

  • garf

    In a time when so many projects seem to fit so easily into the motion graphics zeitgeist, it’s a pleasure to see such a well-executed project that is clearly a product of an individual’s personal influences from well outside the claustrophobic world of motion graphics.

  • mack

    I have no words for this. it’s great!!

  • littleIndian

    really superb

Prologue: OFFF 2009 Titles

[qt: 640 360]


Directed by: Ilya Abulhanov
Produced by: Elizabeth Newman
Sound Design by: Ben Lukas Boysen (HECQ)
  • Alexandra Ostasheva

    Impressive! the great style, fabulous mood!

  • Simon Legare-Theoret

    Nice work! How did you do the writting effect? Did you use presets or anything? thx man!

  • Simon Legare-Theoret

    Hey nice video man! How did you do the  writting effect? Its awesome! Thx

  • Marc

    Wwwwoow!! this was done in 2009? That is awesome

  • moritz

    NICE NICE NICE i love this Film …
    the effect called Plexus ?!