Gabe Askew: Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks” (Unofficial)

Taking a break from his day job in architectural visualization, Gabe Askew’s fan video for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” goes in an entirely different direction from the official video directed by Patrick Daughters (embedded after the jump).

Gabe’s 2.5D opus is a delightful journey through countless faux analogue dioramas inhabited by paper-mâché-like creatures and flattened illustrations dangling from the proscenium. Gabe nimbly avoids the “say cow, see cow” approach, instead opting for metaphorical devices that mix naturalistic imagery with human forms gliding, battling and embracing throughout myriad environments.

Thanks for the tips, Jostein Finnekasa and Jeffrey Zablotny!

  • oddfew

    This is wonderful. I don’t want to bring down the official clip… I think that’s brilliant as well; but to me Gabes work compliments this song on a much higher level.

  • kult

    Worth posting again.. this is such a fucking great video, just a ton of passion in this.

  • Paul Ducco




    Really beautiful work.

  • Lilian Darmono

    Great stuff! I hope Gabe gets to quit his dayjob and get paid to do what he loves to do….I sense directing opportunities coming his way any day now!..Well done..>!!

  • hvanzon

    Love both of them! Just Awesome. Just a little bit more respect for the Gabe Askew’s one.

  • anistock

    super, love aspects of both versions, think Gabe shades it

  • juicy juniper

    Gabe! That was fantastic! I have shown it to at least three people now, and they all enjoyed it so much.

    and of course Grizzly Bear is bear is just perfect