Schofield Is Just Getting Started Where Others Might End

Keith Schofield continues to battle it out with structure in his latest video for Lenny Kravitz & J.U.S.T.I.C.E, “Let Love Rule” via El Nino Productions. When a film ends, Keith’s is just beginning. The end-credit sequence becomes the bed for a tale in which the scrolling text becomes the main character’s antagonist.

As with several of his other recent internet sensations, “SFW: Diesel XXX” and this other XXX joint for the BPA (feat. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal), format becomes the concept itself.

Director: Keith Schofield
Production Company: El Nino
Executive Producer: Jules Dieng
Producer: Steve Buchanan
DP: Damian Acevedo
PD: Mike Beamer

Commisioner: Xavier De Nauw
Label: EMI Music

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London

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  • aguywithoutgod

    very good, i am a fan

  • HTasker

    Way to go Marty !
    Nice Back to the Futury mood. It feets the 80’s feel of the sax in the song.
    Great idea.
    Still, I miss the overboard…

  • frq

    What a great concept. tracking could be a bit better in certain areas, but overall really enjoyed it!

  • love this

  • That was totally awesome. Loved it!

  • Was this on the end of some sort of film or did it start right with the gunshot? If so, I love it even more.

  • love the back to the future reference. this is better the second time

  • lovely stuff