Chris Kelly Launches New Reel

Chris Kelly (from Autofuss) launches a juicy new reel!


About the author

Daniel Coutinho


Daniel lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife. Originally from Brazil, he is currently a Designer/Animator at Buck.

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  • Looks great Chris! Nice choice of music.

  • Nice stuff!

  • Great reel!

  • moonpie

    why are reels like this being featured on motionographer these days? seems like its just a company reel for Autofuss. that company looks great. i cant be the only person that does not understand what “juice to the moon” means either.

    • yes, you are the only person that doesn’t understand, but you are entitled to your opinion of course.

      five stars from me. so much style and finesse!

      • moonpie

        “animate like there’s no tomorrow, throw keyframes to the wind and juice to the moon.” is this the explanation? please explain this Monovich. i never said the work wasnt good, the work is great.

        • its like any song lyric. it doesn’t have to be literal to “mean” something.

    • if you click “juice to the moon”, there is an explanation

      companies reels are made by the people in them

  • kaiofthesun

    nice job chris!