L’Odyssée de Cartier

Released today, a crazy 3:30 Minute piece directed by Bruno Aveillan, nearly two years in the making with a team of 50 people. Details to follow, but until then enjoy the craziness on Cartier’s Facebook page or via Art-Spire. Update: Produced by QUAD with Effects by Digital District. Update 2: Unfortunately a version on vimeo with more info was made password protected, so we’re back to the other links.

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  • B Korsmit

    It’s really low res on facebook. I’m missing a plugin on Art-Spire and on Vimeo it’s password protected.. What gives?

  • bearbaer

    it’s very “sucker punch”. stylish and pretty and everything but after seeing half of it you get tired of all the epicness and ask yourself “whats the point”.

  • Jurgen K

    I like the 2001 room at the end.

  • chongololo


  • You can see it in its entirety here:


  • Theres a full res version over on the QUAD site. 

  • The spot is incredibly well executed. Beautiful art direction and impeccable execution. Personally the subject matter and the “concept” is a little bit over the top and ends up being a bit too “epic”. I feel like my eyes gained 20 pounds from ingesting so much sweetness. I want to visually puke now.

  • i think these big brands could make a much better impression putting more time on concept and a message than the execution. we got another great eye candy.. so… ? we forget it fast. a good message can last much longer

  • It’s called ‘Cartier ou l’amour des Rubbles, Yuans et Rupees’.  
    Too epic, this kind of graphics makes me fall sleeping.

  • I caught this yesterday on the telly – definitely captured my attention for the full 3.5 min

  • Here is a bigger Version:

  • Great ad : it’s a subtil way to market the best new rich customers of the french market : Russian; Asian, and Indian… Clever

  • We had to protect the film before the release by Cartier on the French television