The Podium Waltz

Daniel Bruson directed this marvellous animation for the opening scene for “The Podium Waltz”, a short film about visually impaired brazilian runner Terezinha Guilhermina.

This scene follows the way her guide described the opening ceremony of the Paralympics to her, as they walked through the Olympic Stadium. For that I created about 1400 black and white watercolors, that were photographed and then composed and colored digitally. I tried to create this atmosphere where shapes and sounds emerge as they come to the character’s attention, and also to bring some of the joy and wonder of the moment.

Daniel was also responsible for this rather emotional animated scene for the film:

Update: Check out this nice making of as well.

The Podium Waltz

Daniel Hanai & Bruno Carneiro

Animation Direction
Daniel Bruson

Daniel Bruson
Francisco Beraldo
Ian Sampaio
Flávio de Paula
Leandro Franci

Daniel Bruson
Francisco Beraldo
Leandro Franci

General Assistance
Rafael Moretti
Talita Annunciato

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About the author

Daniel Coutinho

Daniel lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife. Originally from Brazil, he is currently a Designer/Animator at Buck.

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  • portaldocoracao

    Nice animation!

  • this is such beautiful animation!! I LOVE the watercolor look. Great inspirations as well!!