Main Road Post: Stalingrad VFX Reel

Stalingrad is a Russian WWII drama directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. Main Road Post, headquartered in Moscow, is responsible for all the VFX work on this film.

  • exergone


  • urban

    amazing results, a wonderful breakdown.thanks to share it.

  • Pepijn Schroeijers (@PepMotion)

    best breakdown I’ve ever seen! Very impressive shots.

  • Bill

    I agree, one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever seen. The work itself is phenomenal…congratulations to all involved. I’m looking forward to seeing this film because of this.

  • Daniel

    Impressive stuff. The plane crash however, looks like a shot game-trailer. Impressive, complex, ├╝ber nice, but not real.

  • Matthew Ingram


  • jocedeg

    None of the shots are convincing. Everything looks like a video game cut scene. It is very good work, but not good enough for a motion picture.

  • abhishek

    speechless,,,loved the narrative as how we start and end at the plane crash scene,i personally loved the sound score ,stunning grahics almost misunderstood for WW2 Game ,agreed one of the best vfx breakdowns i have seen so far, makes me thing about the people who went through all that “horror”

    well done team Main Road Moscow.

    COH 2 players should see this(sharing it all over ) :P