Thundercats Opening

Man, the Thundercats opening was pretty bad ass. Constantly flowing imagery, explosive transitions and liberal use of energy beams combined with a wicked soundtrackâ€â€?well, that’s… Read more

Non-Native Species / PikaPika

Stardust: Non-Native Species Promoting California Cleanup Day, Stardust was recetly called upon to produced a :30 spot entitled “Non-Native Species”. The character CigEgret makes it’s… Read more


Netherlands-based Studio Smack was commissioned by the Museum de Beyerd in Breda to create “Kapitaal,” an interesting look at the ubiquity of signs (I mean… Read more

CMT Cross Country

Adam Gault and Carlo Vega, two of my favorite designers in the industry slipped this one onto their sites. It is aligned with CMT’s branding… Read more

Stepping Back

[Warning: There are no links to exciting new projects in the following post.] As usual, when I’m between quarters (or between massive projects), I get… Read more

Raquel Falkenbach

Raquel Falkenbach of Nakd and Lobo has a new reel up.

fantastic PSA

PSA’s seem to have an unspoken right to be as graphic as they want to be for the sake of people’s safety. The result is… Read more

The Eye of the Storm

Well, classes are over and my finals are all turned in. I’m pretty pleased with my progress this quarter, but I’ve got a loooong way… Read more

Pink Panther Title Sequence

Paris-based animators Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas worked with character animators at Nexus Productions in London to produce a witty, elegant title sequence for the… Read more

Stash GSAA Winners Announced

Stash just announced the winners of the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards. Low and behold, our very own Ted Gore is the Motion Design winner.… Read more

Go Beyond…?

I can’t tell how I feel about this new spot from The Mill for Land Rover. For The Mill’s part, it’s incredibly well done; the… Read more

Combo Post

Apologies for my near absence from Motionographer over the past week. I’ve been working like mad on a couple projects for school, and I haven’t… Read more

Gerald Mark Soto Updates

Gerald Mark Soto was one of the founding designers of Freestyle Collective, and has been rocking freestyle design and animation since 2004. He recently completed… Read more