Lambo: New Site, New Reel


Lambo launched a new site with a strong new reel. Is it just me or does this reel feel much more mature and marketable than their previous stuff? Don’t get me wrong, I love the radness as much as anyone, but this new reel shows a confidence and—dare I say—restraint that I find refreshing.

Power on, Lambo. Power on!

About the author

Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



with the exception of the coke and fuel stuff which you guys have already featured, ‘restraint’ feels more like ‘amateur’ than anything. Compare the signature aftereffects blink on effect of the new work to say the previous two projects posted on this site. It falls a bit short, just the same old effect. The bar is raising fast and this stuff just seems to be staying at the same boring place.


Agreed. And i don’t see a point in why they re-did their reel so quickly after their last introduction. I liked the old one better. This one sounds more generic.

paul bright

nothing new… you see stuff like that over and over again. only the coke spots are the small light at the end of the tunnel


lambo dudes are rad! rad ideas and a rad site! congrats!


Lambo’s new site is great. Much more content and information than the previous site. Keep up the good work!


what’s funny is that they really aren’t in Venice. They are really located in Marina Del Rey. I liked their old site better.


justin seems the same stupid guy that allways was.


could be me but for some reason this new site/reel lacks justins touch. It just doesnt seem as calculated and precise as the earlier works


punk Rock


Great work. Rad ideas and awesome people.
Lambo Rocks!


yeah felipe! rad ideas and rad guys make design super fun and easy to understand. not every piece of design needs to teach something or present something and make people think! right on lambo! u rule!


Blazing Lazer meets Weezer?


Justin is no longer at Lambo, and half of their demo reel is work Justin directed at Transistor Studios. There is even a clip of an old MTV in-house job that Kurt animated on for James Price! How can Lambo show all of that work now that Justin is gone? I bet they wont for long.

Adam B

Ya I cant say the real impressed me at all besides the coke spots. Ehh…. maybe its just me.

David S.

That’s funny. So Justin forms lamo few months ago with that other guy and then he leaves? Doesnt make sense. Must have not been so succesful.


Lamo Sucks!!! Just a bunch of Hacks. But I do have to say I can’t wait to see this unfold.


WHO CARES! is this really worth all this? lambo sucks. YES.. but lets move on to something positive..

oh wait this is motion graphics..NEVERMIND just a bunch of chump /haters.

johnny walker

I’m drinking a brownie shake and it feels really smooth down my throat…


Rumor has it, Justin had some issues with the guys he started lambo with, so he left. I am sure Justin will just start another company or do his own thing for a while. BUT, the part I don’t understand (and really bothers me) is that the guys at lambo still show Justin’s work from lambo AND his pre-lambo work from Transistor! WTF? I don’t understand how the guys still working at lambo think they can show other peoples work and survive as a company. I wonder what Justin and/or the Transistor guys think about it… hmmmmmm? I smell MAJOR drama!


I smell a clusterf**k.


uh, call me crazy, but didn’t bangbang do that spot for logo channel ?


No one can use thier real name huh?


This reminds me of watching VH1 or a fucking soap opera. The more time you waste on bullshit, the less time you have to perfect your craft.


time to hit the hay good night totally have the biggest migrain ever


yeah someone has a grudge somewhere here. Who else would know this shit, or even care?

I liked the reel, Lambos


This site has turned into nothing more than an amateur bitch-fest full of students who now feel that they have an opinion that matters, and unfortunately, an audience.

Please, set up a “minimum requirements” eligibility test for this site. Or better yet, get rid of the “comments” section all together. Whether it be a few bad apples or more. This site is going downhill fast due.


Comments vs Content. What’s more important?

This site has turned into nothing more than an amateur bitch-fest full of students who now feel that they have an opinion that matters, and unfortunately, an audience.

Please, set up a “minimum requirements” eligibility test for this site. Or better yet, get rid of the “comments” section all together. Whether it be a few bad apples, or more, this site is going downhill fast due to the childish back-and-forths between a few users.

Joe Maccharoni

Come on john, it’s entertaining. It’s not always like this either. Plus we live in a democracy?

who knows

Maybe this site should be set up so that in order to post a comment you need to link to your own personal site, so that there is accountability and credibility to comments being made. Then we’d have a better idea of when to ignore the blokes and jokes, i.e. the ones who can’t walk the walk but still talk the junk.


this site is fucked up. all this bullshit, plus the fact that justin puts up his student friends.. i was not so bothered by it, until i remembered that this site is only known becuase he used other people’s hard work to get people to come here, of which some of mine has been on here too, and now he is using our hard work to promo his little puppet friends.
then came the peanut gallery


Dude, chill out. This is justins site and he can do with it whatever he wants. Why is it such a biggie to you that he posted his friends clip? Might not have been the best post ever, but many people liked it. And when nothing else is around what’s the problem then?


i agree that people should post their info if they want to make a comment. i don’t necessarily think it should be mandatory. i am generally against mandatory things. but i encourage people to post their info. i really think it makes people think a little harder about what they’re going to say. It doesn’t even rule out criticism, just makes you stay respectful…


Websites like this are so great and so terrible at the same time. Great because we get to see really interesting work from around the world, but terrible because comment forums allow everyone to be haters and not constructive.

The problem with comments and even the editors of this site’ commentary is not that they shouldnt have an opinion, but if it really is students running this site, their biased opinions can quite easily be interpreted as fact, and important people that view work of the featured professionals suddenly take the words these great highlighted works come with to heart. Who care if justin harder isnt part of lambo or if their website sucks, all those dudes are rediculously talented and more so than that just stoked to make stuff, and likely they care more about what their friends and clients think than strangers.

I say no comments, rants and no editor enlightenments.
Let the work speak for itself. If its posted it doubtfully sucks. Check it out, better taste less jibber jabber, Im on may way now. Hate me.


thats the point ChicO
this is not really Justin’s site, it is made up primarily of other people’s intelectual work, maybe you dont undertsnad that coz u havent had work put up here. not only that, people come here for that, he is misusing it for promoting friends. i for one dont want my efforts to capitalized on in such a way. i and others in the industry have spent a lot of time and effort doing cool stuff that he has used to gain popularity for this site.. simple… and its not a biggie at all… just giving a friendly pointer. i think we are all cool peeps at the end of the day.. so i am sure justin will be cool too.


you work for 3M? sweet.


minnesota baby!!


mmm, you should be rather thankful that he posts your stuff up here with exposure to so many people. I find it disrispectful that you bitch about it when he posted your stuff and then you even stay anonymous.


I think we should thrash the comments column, let the bitching and hating be at

particularly ribald

this site (actually tween) started out of a perceived need to organize a list of boss studios and individuals serving up sick work.

it has now become somewhat what it started out to do, with some bones thrown to fanboy buddies and SCAD grovelers.

the recent student exercise in setting tightly timed X, Y, & Z coordinates set to a VO is not revolutionary or groundbreaking. the ham and eggs fanboy commentary of “genius” and “brilliant” are just that – fanboy commentary.

there are still relevant works posted here, but like any website or media outlet – you must sift through the product placement and ulterior motives.

hate the comments? don’t read them. think the site sucks, don’t visit. think the work is subpar, then offer constructive input as to why you think so.

don’t hate on Mr. Cone for designing a vehicle to develop and further his own celebrity – undoubtedly offering sweet contacts and first name basis bullshit sessions with the same heavy hitting studio people who probably circular filed your reel and won’t return your calls.

to add my 2cents to the current debacle – the new Lambo site is slow running, and the reel is less than inspiring – much like anything else seen here.

perhaps we should stop watching what everyone else is doing and concentrate on our own work.

because honestly all I see is the same rehashed themes and styles over and over and over again.

If it’s some local dude, it’s call a rip – but if it’s a rockstar it’s called revolutionary.

now that’s lame.


Some good words p.r., but you should accept that 90% of this stuff here and the industry is commercial work. We don’t have always the option to create something truly original. That stuff is left mostly for our private things or clients who give us the freedom.

In Justin Harder’s case it’s a bit different, because i remember an interview from a design-zine where he said he usually asks himself “What would the designers republic do”. So he’s not someone to expect really original stuff from anyway.

Or how many times did we see robots in ads already? Yet Brand New School did a great commercial that was really entertaining. After all it’s an ad, not art. And then there are these beautiful commercial shortfilms like buck just did. Many more examples of course within just the past 2 weeks posted here.

I think some people on here are just very spoiled. There is always great stuff on this blog, yet people bitch about when there is some student post in between. What’s the point? Just create your own better shit and send it up here. Or just visit another time when there are other things listed.

Rafael M.

Motionographer is a voice among others. Justin Cone is a student if I remember right. His blog has became so popular that professional postings are going through his approval as either a main news or as a small 2 lines of text or nothing. Does he qualify as a voice for our community? Yes as an individual and as a student, and maybe we should be reminded of this fact (teachers can learn from students too). But I don’t believe he is qualified to judge the advertising/efficienty vs ‘radness’ ratio of what we see. It seems like many works which are not cool enough or the month’s trend (thank God unicorns are gone..) are not on this website. Either this website is turning into a ‘’ crap where people pay to get their work published or either it turns into an inspiring source for students and teachers. But can we ask Justin editorial taste and experience from a free blog like we used too in the old days of print publishing? I like to read comments, but I don’t like to read stupid ones from frustrated individuals who just like to bitch about everything for free. Go to the gym instead or run naked at burning man. I still want to read incisive comments, and maybe a system that asks for users to log with their real email should be required.


Perhaps comments should be invite only, or on an account basis.


You guys take this way too serious. —-
Justin Cone writes nice articles and comments imho.
There are few people that are bothered by some negative comments but those are the same people that love to hear positive things all the time.
Its not always constructive criticism sure but lets not overcook this debate and try to impose regulations. I love a vital blog.


They are using other people design….which I find very unfair.


i like poop.




i also like pee.


Good one Barry. I got it :)


Why is everything on lambo’s site Justin Harders work? Rip off!!!


I heard Justins partner turned out to be a total loser, with no talent……makes sense then…..why would he stay and make money for misfits, when he could do it on his own????

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