Supinfocom: Musicotherapie

A small band of crazily talented Supinfocom students has created an excellent new short, “Musicotherapie,” maintaining their school’s reputation as one of the best places… Read more


With Raffi Simonian behind the wheel Nau delivers a strong and dark Show Reel that are a must see for anyone with the sweet tooth… Read more

Royale Goes Live

Brien Holman, Jayson Whitmore and Jennifer Lucero have officially launched Royale. Brien and Jayson are bringing their extensive design and animation experience to the table,… Read more

Broadcast Israel

I always find it interesting to search for studios and production houses outside of the broadcast mecca — and sometimes a gem or two shows… Read more

Barbara Di Pasquale

I rarely note the name of the person doing the work — mostly because I am on the website for the work and not the… Read more

Alan Watts, South Park Style

I’m an Alan Watts fanatic. I have listened to countless hours of his lectures, and I’ve read several of his books. There’s just something about… Read more