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Moo Studios recently created a very cool spot for xbox. When I first saw it I assumed it to be some 3d composited with live action. It was still cool then, but I was very impressed to discover that it was all shot in camera with some clean up in post.

Check out the spot, and also view the making of if you don’t believe it to be all stop motion.

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The first thing that came to mind when I saw it on TV…”a new HP spot”… then I realized clay clay clay clay and the Xbox logo came up. Anyway the work is amazing, but the whole “hands/arms” thing lately is dominated by the HP spots.


Yeh, you dont expect it to be xbox but the work is amazing.


Did i hear him right? a 3 year timeline for a tv commercial? I can;t even imagine the logistics there


haha – I hope hes kidding – He must be because who knew those games were coming out 3 years ago…? uhhhh – either way, amazing stop motion


My buddy worked on this spot and there was a hell of a lot of post work done on this I think it is pretty funny how they are marketing it as if it were all done in camera. i guess using morphs and painting frames is not considered “fx” Great for Mooo why not give the aftereffects artist who made this spot possible some credit. pretty shady


there’s a mistake with the arms about three quarters of the way through, an abrupt jump from one position to another.

seriously though, fantastic, the web almost seems impossible with stop motion, but some how they pulled it off.

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