Tom & Mark: “Muffin Man”

Tom and Mark (Nexus Productions) have outdone themselves with “Muffin Man,” a new spot for the recently rebranded Royal Bank of Canada. Although the spot… Read more

IGolf Volkswagen

Fun project for Volkswagen from INOCUO TheSign in Spain. I dig the weird Snoop Dogg with trumpets audio too! (Thanks Hugo)

Old School Comments Are Back

You guys were right, and I was wrong: Old school comments are better than my fancy forum-post-as-comment idea, so I decided to swallow my pride… Read more

La ballade sauvage

Gobelins students Cyril Drouin, May Nguyen, Gabriel Jollymonge, Elen Le Tannou and Marion Stinghe crafted “La ballade sauvage,” a beautiful mini-narrative opener for the International… Read more

Heavy Metal by Tyler James

36,000 BBs star in this fun ident for Shots magazine from Tyler James (audio by Earworm Sound Design)

Motion Theory Grows for VAIO

Motion Theory (dir. Grady Hall) continues to refine their sophisticated sensibilities with “Vines“, “Fly Trap” and “Breeze” for Sony VAIO. The simple concept from 180LA,… Read more

Animal Logic TVC Reel 2008

Australian Visual Effects powerhouse Animal Logic just put up a fresh new TVC Reel. In addition to the usual awe-inspiring work, what really caught my… Read more

Kung Fu Panda Intro

Animation guru James Baxter’s 2D intro for Dreamsworks’ latest.

ManvsMachine: “Space”

Better late than never, I always say. This beautiful brand piece from Man vs. Machine made the rounds last week, but we were a little… Read more

JibJab: Election 2008

JibJab’s latest effort actually has some really nice design and animation. Props to the JibJab crew for not mailing it in. (No pun intended.)