Nervo for Zune

God bless Microsoft. They just won’t give up on promoting the Zune, and as long as they keep funding work like this latest series of… Read more

Twenty 120 Films Are Online

Wait no more, this year’s Twenty 120 films are now online for full appreciation! In this second edition, directors take off where they left off… Read more

Animation Block Party

The Animation Block Party’s 5th Annual Festival gets underway this weekend in Brooklyn, and it looks like its going to be a good time. In… Read more

Portugal vs The Netherlands

A visualization of a football match between Portugal vs The Netherlands. Created by Pfadfinderei & Modeselektor.

Crush and REM Strike Again

After their first well received collaboration with REM (Hollow Man), Crush follows up with “Man Sized Wreath.” This piece deals with an anonymous man’s daily… Read more

Coca-Cola “Unity”

W+K Portland tapped the prodigious powers of Smith&Foulkes (Nexus Productions) for this lively Coke spot starring Yao Ming and LeBron James. It’s a battle royale… Read more

Advanced Beauty Podcast

Advanced Beauty is now available as a weekly podcast (link will open in iTunes). We’ve been following Advanced Beauty with great enthusiasm here on Motionographer… Read more