PES: Western Spaghetti

NOTE: If you don’t see the video on the PES site, scroll down to the bottom of the page. At long last, PES’s latest short… Read more

Pepsi “OpenSource”

Anyone know who’s responsible for this fun advert for Pepsi? In addition to loads of nice CG, there’s some great storytelling and pacing that keeps… Read more

Bryce Wymer

Bryce Wymer has relaunched his personal site, and it’s chock full of the good stuff he’s been doing for the last few years. Before becoming… Read more

Benny Box

Benny updates with some tasty new work and a new reel!

Nexus give NSPCC a Helping Hand(s)

Upgraded from Quickie Carolina Melis of London’s Nexus Production recently directed this lovely animated spot for NSPCC’s campaign against smacking. I found the style of… Read more

Pepper Melon update

A solid update from everyones favorite, Pepper Melon!