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An ambitious title sequence for ITV Sport’s coverage of England vs Kazakhstan, directed by Dan Saunders and Vic Martinez (Credits)

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Barren lands of Kazakhstan only inhabited by poppy flowers get taken over by icons of British colonialism?


that’s an expensive intro for one game.


I reckon it will be used for all England home games for the next 2 years pablo. It doesn’t contain any footage from other countries and only the images of Don Fabio and the players would need to be altered in a worst case scenario.

I thought there was some nice animation in it – very reminiscent of the Smirnoff history ad – but I thought it was very bland and uninsteresting as a piece. I suppose that reflects the subject matter though. England’s football team is the only one I know that can make a 5-1 game boring!


I actually really liked the piece….the absence of VT footage which is so often present, was a really good change. It’s nice to see the use of design and animation used to it’s full capacity. i felt it was a very emotive representation of England, showing iconic structures in a beautifully composed sequence. I particularly Liked the tearing down of the old wembly twin towers to reveal the new stadium at the end.

All in all a great effort!

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