MGMT “Kids”


Once again, director Ray Tintori pairs up with MGMT to create this satanic hipster-montage music video for “Kids”. Don’t miss the dope animation end sequence featuring some killer cell work.

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Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Holy cow. That end sequence is amazing. NIce work . I’m seriously freaked out for that poor kid, though!?


I prefer the previous ‘unofficial’ video – – If only because if you’re going to put your new video on your website, at least compress it so the audio doens’t become peaked!
Also i personally think so of the pacing is off in the end animation, especially if you’re using a track with such a distinct beat throughout…. (but that’s just my 5cents – still much better than i could produce!)


The end sequence was actually drawn and animated in flash by the creator of Adult Swim’s “Superjail”.


I know I’m a dad now because I felt bad for the kid most of the time. The animation at the end is great, but aside from that it seems pretty mean-spirited and exclusionary…

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