Edouard Salier for Coke

Director Edouard Salier and production company Paranoid US deliver another amazing football themed spot in time for the World Cup. This time working for Coke, they tell a story in almost mythic grandeur of a boy’s quest for a personal and unique celebration. The spot elegantly shows the spirit of the game and isn’t too blatant in it’s delivery. Kudos to Coke for once again trusting in their audience to have some intelligence.

Oh, if anyone is interested, the track is by K’naan

Watch Quest

Coca-Cola “Quest”

Global Brand Director – Shay Drohan
Project Lead – Emmanuel Seuge
Creative Excellence -Jonathan Mildenhal
Agency – SANTO, Buenos Aires
Creative Directors – Sebastian Wilhelm, Pablo Minces
Art Director – Maximiliano Anselmo
Copy Writer – Pablo Minces
Producer – Ezequiel Ortiz
Account Director – Ignacio Diez
Planner – Martin Cole

Production Company – Paranoid US
Director – Edouard Salier
Executive Producers- Claude Letessier, Cathleen O’Conor
Flame Artist – Christophe Richard
Flame Assistant – Amandine Moulinet
Producer – Anne Lifshitz
Graphic Designers – Yué Wu, Corentin Rouge, Marthe Salier, Damien Martin, Julien Michel, Xavier Reyé, Florent Gombeau

Post Company – Digital District
Post Supervisor – Peggy Tavenne
Executive Producer – David Danesi
VFX Artists- Marc-Thomas Cave, Jean Lamoureux, Thomas Marque, Florian Rihn
Modeling – Jimmy Cave
Animation – Romuald Caudroit, Remi Gamiette, Margaux Durand-Rival, Nicolas Dabos
Lighting – Nicolas Belin, Nicolas Vion
Audio Company – X-Track
Mixer/Engineer – François Roy
Executive Producer – François Roy
Track Artist – K’NAAN

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Great spot. Really great camera work and animation. ++


such a killer spot.. Coke! they do so much cool stuff..

Happiness Machine – pysop – http://www.psyop.tv/cocacola01
Coke Zero the Game – North Kingdom – http://www.northkingdom.com/case-studies/coke-zero/

and now this!!!


Has a feel good quality about it and authentic story. Thanks Jon for using the proper word – football! Nice man!


Kid looks weird…. Polar Express


Visuals look amazing! Narration very similar to psyop’s “dot” though, no? http://motionographer.com/2008/01/11/guinness-dot/
Still a wicked spot.


Great combination of animation, music, and narrative. Inspiring spot.
Can’t wait for the World Cup! 43 more days!


Okay, I love the animation, the style, the look, everything, except I really don’t get the concept. A kid fighting robots? To get to world cup? What the heck? Makes no sense. At all.


it’ a football thing. as all the scenes refer to well-known goal celebrations – rocking the baby, rowing the boat, robot dance, etc..

here’s an example:

nice and subtle.. will especially appeal to those who know their football.!!


just heard a story on NPR yesterday about how people are drinking less and less cola. its amazing to see the effort that goes into branding sugar water.

that said, this is such great work! I can’t believe the visuals that advertisers have access to these days. kudos to Paranoid et. al.


I am sure the average african kid can totally relate to this spot…
-fought against robots, rocked by strangers? with all that crazy jumping around on top of a questionable concept he’s lucky if he doesn’t break his neck falling down the uncanny valley.


I am an african, raised in an African country.
I can relate.
I used to build my own car toys from Coca Cola cans.

There is a dreamy feel about the work, it just refuse being realistic


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