GMUNK: Tycho “See”

Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz’s latest release is a live action-based mysterious music video for “See” from musician/designer Tycho’s album, “Awake.”

Alongside the protagonist, who appears to be gifted with inter-dimensional sight (or just really good LSD), the project’s co-stars are a set of hand-made, wooden props that function as futuristic wayfaring devices. In an interview with the Creator’s Project, Grosh explains:

The props were designed in 3D and then manufactured in a wood shop. For the protagonist’s POV shots, we wanted the props to become more surrealist, so we fabricated them to have LED’s floating between layers of wood—which we had our friend Marek Michalowski assemble some circuitry that allowed them pulse and come to life.


From smoke tunnels to time-lapse crystals, the video is packed with practical effects crafted in collaboration with Mike Williams and Conor Grebel.

For more of the process behind “See,” check out the official video below or dig into Bradley’s project page.

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looks like u had some much fun making it!

Michelle Stesten

This is awful. Period.




I found the process behind making certain elements of this video very engaging. It certainly does look like alot of fun filming those particle / light effects. Though I felt that the piece as a whole is somewhat fragmented and doesn’t mesh very well. The live action portion is reminiscent of what would be a clan of the cave bear / ronnie james dio mash up video. The projections over the band playing was cool, but I think that same effect was better achieved in the phantogram music video done by Joshua Davis.

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