Down The Rabbit Hole

"Down the Rabbit Hole" is a psychedelic odyssey that blends 2D and 3D techniques in a series of delightfully surprising moments.

CRCR: Lendemain de cuite

CRCR’s short and insane “Lendemain de cuite” features excellent sound design from Kouz. (The spot was created for an undisclosed client.) Submitted by Jrcanest via… Read more

GMUNK: Tycho “See”

Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz’s latest release is a live action-based mysterious music video for “See” from musician/designer Tycho’s album, “Awake.” Alongside the protagonist, who appears to… Read more

Fluorfilms: Festival de Viña 2012

This psychedelic promo by Santiago-based Fluorfilms oozes with love for Peter Max and the Yellow Submarine. From Fluorfilms: “Festival de Viña del Mar” is the… Read more

Baby In The Sky by Bonzom

Here’s a gorgeous new public service announcement directed by Jack-Antoine Charlot of Bonzom, the French team whose work you remember from Mika’s Lollipop. This go-round… Read more

7-Up (1968)

Inspired by famed Yellow Submarine art director, Heinz Edelmann, this vintage 7-Up spot (1968) is a testament to the psychedelic movement of the era.

Ben & Julia: Dove Nets

Updated with Q&A A couple of weeks ago I posted a music video by Ben & Julia for The Main Drag‘s song ‘Dove Nets’. Ben… Read more