Pep Rally is born

PepRally has quietly launched. The studio is part of a growing trend of director/designer/animators creating new opportunities for work that fall outside the normal scope of freelance.

In this case, the director in question is NYC-based Erica Gorochow. She explains PepRally this way:

Metaphorically speaking, I was in a 1-bedroom apartment, and now I’m moving into a 2-bedroom place. PepRally is easier to grow into. It’s a place to more naturally include collaborators and a home for work I’ve directed — but not work I’ve done for other studios.

It can be full service but since it’s small, it’s selective.

As clients eschew agencies and look for new creative and production partners, entities like PepRally make more and more sense.


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Really peppy work. Great stuff.

Beto Ramirez

Wonder if that kind of clients are finally understanding the millennials way or is just the economy creating opportunities with the daring ones.

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