Introducing Step by Step

Introducing Step by Step

One of our goals at Motionographer moving forward is to not only celebrate the exceptional work being made in our industry but also the people and ideas behind this work.

Part of this means celebrating each individual’s unique approach to solving creative problems both conceptually and technically.

Step by Step is a new monthly series which will place the emphasis on a new artist and new medium each month in order to gain an inside look on how industry-leading creatives work on a daily basis.

From 2D animators, art directors and C4D gurus to look development artists and everything in between, our hope is that Step by Step will act as a varied archive of different techniques and approaches to creating amazing work.

We’re thrilled to present our very first Step by Step featuring the talented and prolific Ariel Costa of Blink My Brain as he takes us through making one of his ever popular 2D collage characters.

Not a tutorial

There are countless resources online, from high production value tutorials that teach you how to produce a particular result to conceptual articles and books that dive deep into the how and why.

While these resources are great, we feel there is a gap between the highly scripted how-to approach and the nebulous shades of gray that accompany the “Why?”.

Our hope is that Step by Step can live somewhere in between by offering a real-world look at the creative process.

The focus of each Step by Step feature will be a screen recording of a select artist as they make something from start to finish.  No script, no voice over, just an unedited real-time look at the creative process including all the highs and lows, fuck-ups and even the occasional happy accident.

Why YouTube

While we love Vimeo, Step by Step will not center around spectacle, more so education and the hope that this series can become a tool to be used by anyone regardless of intent or discipline.

By hosting through YouTube, the viewer will have the ability to watch the recordings at their chosen speed. This will empower the seasoned industry vet to watch at 2x speed and get directly to their point of interest, while on the other hand, offer those new to our craft the ability to watch as slow as .25 speed so they can bask in all the meticulous details.

The point being, many of these recordings will be quite long. The intent is not necessarily for these to be watched in full but to be picked through and learned from by offering the ability to see exactly how, and hopefully why, each featured artist arrived at their unique destination.


If you would like to be involved or request an artist for a Step by Step feature, please email us at: