The Hyde Tube

Paris-based production company Mr. Hyde has launched an interesting new initiative, The Hyde Tube, which invites directors anywhere in the world to submit their work… Read more

Stu Maschwitz

By now, most of you have probably heard that The Orphanage has suspended operations. (Co-founder Stu Maschwitz explains further on his blog.) This is as… Read more

Poll: Shepard Fairey

Over in the Quickies, I recently tossed up an interview with Milton Glaser regarding the work of Shepard Fairey, and it sparked some heated discussion.… Read more

Get Yo KLOWWWN : Asif Mian

This raw lo-fi offering from Asif Mian, gives us a break from the commercial world for a brief moment so that we might be either… Read more

Smith & Foulkes: Coke “Avatar”

Oscar-nominated directing duo Smith & Foulkes (Nexus Productions) put their powers to use for Coca Cola and Weiden+Kennedy Portland in an endearing Super Bowl spot… Read more

Zeitguised: Peripetics

Every once in a while we get a chance to post something unique, outside of the commercial realm; and this stunning six-act piece by London-based… Read more

GOOD: The Hidden Cost of War

I love GOOD’s Transparency series. By combinging great writing with clean, concise visuals, GOOD consistently produces top-notch visual essays that treat viewers like intelligent beings.… Read more

Dvein and Alex Trochut: Voll Damm Jazz

[Slow? Try the Motionographer mirror] Barcelona badasses Dvein and Alex Trochut teamed up on this stylish spot (Motionographer mirror) for Spanish beer-maker Voll Damm and… Read more

Freelancing 101: Understanding Holds

In this first installment of Freelancing 101, David Schwarz of Brooklyn-based Hush (Motionographer posts) explains how “holds” work: A “hold” means an employer has the… Read more

Motion Theory Grows for VAIO

Motion Theory (dir. Grady Hall) continues to refine their sophisticated sensibilities with “Vines“, “Fly Trap” and “Breeze” for Sony VAIO. The simple concept from 180LA,… Read more

ANNY: Ukiyo-e

QuickTime Version I’m always curious about Japanese motion graphics studios. I know so little about how Asian studios in general are set up, and yet… Read more

Real-Time Motion Graphics: GRID

My advice for the future: Play more video games. Reader Joe Walker recently pointed out the slick in-game menus and motion graphics in Codemasters GRID,… Read more

New Interview: Sehsucht

Motionographer’s Jon Saunders decided it was high time we learn more about one of our favorite studios, Hamburg-based Sehsucht, so he contacted them for an… Read more

Chatting with The Action Cats

“The Experiment” by The Action Cats Storyboards for “The Experiment” Animatic for “The Experiment” Stop-motion experiments and source footage Back in April, when Adobe and… Read more

Costs of War

QuickTime version “Costs of War” is exactly the kind of thing that makes me believe in motion graphics. For the moment, put the subject matter… Read more